contemporary outdoor sculpture by paul shampineThere is clear and distinct aestheticpaul shampine ocean paintings sculpture wall art organic forms cross-over between my sculptures and paintings; a shared rhythm, tranquility and comfort with lines, shapes, colors and textures.  It’s breaking tradition that allows me to do so.

outdoor sculpture organic paul shampine I inject my strong sculptural skill-set into my paintings.  I have mastered the use of a heating element on my canvases to create a unique third dimension.  Heat allows me to produce a rare and diverse composition; soft, fluid, rippling lines to strong, hard and unexpected textures and shapes.  All achieving great balance and unity.

paul shampine organic sculptures copper Similarly, my sculptures project brilliant colorfulpaul shampine organic sculpture wall art vine wine patination and positive movement with strong organic shapes and lines.  Away from tradition, I mix non-ferrous metals (copper & aluminum) whose properties do not play nice together.  However, the end-result abstractly mirrors the natural vibrant composition of Mother Nature’s gifts and treasures seen above and below the surface.

So, it is my affinity with Nature that creates my desire to be a self-contained, sustainable artist. All with the Spirit of Sustainability, I make my own canvases from certified organic cotton and frames from flea market finds and other reclaimed material. The excess material I create from my sculptures eventually finds itself either hanging from a black leather strap (the true genesis of my necklace pendants) or in a mixed media painting (aluminum and copper dust particles disbursed from grinding metal/sculpture weld). 

A true full-circle of material and creativity.

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Best regards, Paul
Paul Shampine