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Contemporary Abstract Wall Art Sculpture, oxidized copper and aluminum.

Artist note:

Like a snowflake and a thumbprint, there are no two identical ocean waves.  As I Triathlete and avid ocean swimmer I take the same roadway, highway, parkway, pathway to my training point.  That’s where the ordinary ends. 

I plunge into a fluid, oscillating world and spot my bouncing turning point in the distance, backlit by morning orange.  With every propelling stroke, I ascend and descend with schools of tiny visitors darting left and right. Erratic synchronicity. 

I sight my turn and adjust. Sight and adjust.  Sight and adjust. A large single seagull pilots over me.  Rhythm settles.  As the water darkens my navigation increases with my breathing.  The red turning buoy wanes but reappears.   Cadence resumes for a moment and I’m swiftly pushed closer to the splashing tethered ball as I turn.  New spot, new bearing, new course. No ordinary path.

  • Design: Seven hammered copper pods connected with four sets of intertwined receptor-tentacles. Material: Aluminum (body and tentacles). Copper (eyes/optics)

  • Copper pods are heat-treated/naturally oxidized.

  • Size: Overall length, 33 inches, 17 inches wide, body depth, 4 inches.

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